Hi, I’m Roy Harmon!


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I have been creating and running social media campaigns for political candidates, city essential services, public policy councils, and PACs for the last three years while completing my JD. I’ve developed social media strategies, created content, and monitored campaign performance.

For over two years, I clerked for a nationally recognized personal injury firm in Lexington, SC that specializes in burn injuries. I researched and wrote memoranda on issues from run-of-the-mill slip and fall accidents to more complex toxic torts. I also created a database to index thousands of documents at the firm’s offsite storage facility.

I’ve also worked for an investigative news organization in Columbia, SC where I did research for a number of stories. While there, I researched and created a database of information on state plane use for a story that received first-place for “Best Published News Story” from the South Carolina Press Association.


Roy Harmon files to run for State House in District 17 in the Republican primary.

In 2009, I received degrees in Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Mississippi. Then I went

to law school at the University of South Carolina. But the most educational experience I’ve had so far was running for State House in a special election in my hometown of Greenville, SC. Being the candidate and the campaign manager allowed me to learn a lot more about public relations, marketing, fundraising, graphic design, and web design. (It also taught me the importance of delegation- when you can afford it at least.)



Now that I’m done with school I’m learning Ruby on Rails so that I can actualize my ideas without the help of third parties. I’m also working on Web Host Mogul, a website designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with business and marketing advice, and the Daily Virus, a viral marketing blog.


I’m interested in ideation techniques (freewriting in particular), viral marketing, cross-channel approaches to social media, local and state level politics, philosophy, and writing.




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