About Roy Harmon

I’m Roy Harmon. I’m a digital strategist with a focus on outreach. I have experience in a number of areas, from basic web development to advanced graphic design. My versatile skill set allows me to efficiently complete tasks, solve problems, and help people.

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  • No Tax Hike SC. I designed the No Tax Hike SC webpage. In 2013, the chairman of the Greenville chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, came to me with a desire to increase awareness about the Greenville County Council’s plan to place a referendum on the ballot to raise the sales tax in Greenville County. The RLC’s goal was to influence County Council to keep this referendum off the ballot. I created a website with a petition that collected over 1000 signatures in just over two days. The site saved those email addresses to an email list so that supporters could be further mobilized. I also equipped the site with a form that allowed supporters to email every county council member at once with a message predetermined by the RLC.
  • Bright for US Senate. I was the Upstate Field Director for State Senator Lee Bright’s US Senate campaign against incumbent US Senator Lindsey Graham. The campaign had limited resources so I had the opportunity to work in a number of areas. With no money to spend on television ads, our emphasis was on building and leveraging grassroots support to create a field program of unprecedented size and strength. In the Upstate, my focus was on Greenville and Spartanburg where we received 25% and 35% of the vote respectively. In spite of our low fundraising total (the second lowest in the race), Senator Bright finished second only to Senator Graham (who spent millions of dollars on the race).


I have degrees in philosophy and political science from the University of Mississippi and I graduated from law school at the University of South Carolina in 2013.

More Information

If you would like to see my resume or a list of references, email me at royharmon4@gmail.com.